Covid-19 Support and 8 Healthy Survival Tips

Covid-19 support and your “Loved Ones” health risks !! Can you Risk Them ??

8 Healthier Tips to avoid Covid-19 Infection

Use our Covid-19 Support “Sanitise and Survive” principles, coupled with “Rely-On,” the worlds most Effective and Medically proven Broad Spectrum Virucidal, Bacterial & Fungicidal Disinfectant and your Loved Ones will have a winning edge against a Pandemic that is sweeping the rest of the world !!

  • Avoid rush hour, busy public places and crowded shops
  • Wear a mask & avoid any coughers or sneezers by 3 meters
  • Spray petrol pump handles, trollies & public toilet seats
  • Spray & sanitise the car boot and grocery bags at shops
  • Avoid fast food outlets and take away container use
  • Leave all footwear at the door and spray soles & uppers
  • Prepare all food at home from fresh hygenic produce
  • Buy frozen vegetables to avoid shopper handled produce

Rely-On™ Now available from Covid-19 Support, is the disinfectant formulation that has biosecurity proven performance against 420 strains of viruses, bacteria, fungi, Salmonella, campylobacter, Avian influenza, Newcastle disease and Foot and Mouth Disease. Rely-On™ is used by almost all governments worldwide, for Emergency Disease Control

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Rely+On Disinfectant from Covid-19 Support is effective against Coronavirus

  • Demand in Asia and Europe for Rely+On™ is increasing exponentially, as the US and the rest of the world enters the most challenging Medical dilemma ever faced.
  • Our small AU Team can ship this Worlds best Disinfectant, NOW!!
  • Rely+On™ is scientifically proven and as a result, wordwide stocks are diminishing rapidly.
  •  before AU supplies disappear 115 gr can make 12 to 24 litres

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NEWS REPORT, COLOGNE February 03, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to spread, authorities around the world are therefore tightening measures to stop the further spread of the lung disease. With no vaccine available, disinfection is of the utmost importance. The high level disinfectant Rely+On™ from specialty chemicals company LANXESS is effective against the corona virus infecting your families clothing and footwear from public places. The product is also used for hard surface and equipment disinfection.

Anneliese Bischof, Head of the Disinfectants Business at LANXESS said "Following the outbreak of the corona virus, we are seeing increased demand for Rely+On™ in China and other countries around the globe. We are therefore currently working intensively to optimally align our production and logistics capacities to deliver additional product quantity to this region as quickly as possible."

Rely+On inactivates coronavirus quickly

Independent tests have proven that Rely+On™ inactivates a closely related surrogate of the currently spreading coronavirus strain. “From these tests it can be concluded that Rely+On is also effective against 2019-nCoV,” Bischof said. In independent tests Rely+On™ achieved inactivation of the coronavirus strain at a 1:100 dilution rate with a 10-minute contact time. This corresponds to test conditions required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and proves the performance and suitability of Rely+On for practical Disinfection uses.

Rely+On™ is diluted for application and sprayed on hard surfaces and equipment. It can therefore help to reduce the risk of contamination of surfaces, door handles, tables or chairs during disinfection measures at public transport terminals, airports, hospitals, clinics, shopping malls, etc. LANXESS produces a wide range of scientifically based biocide technologies under the Virkon brand. Virkon is manufactured by the LANXESS Material Protection Products business unit. The business unit belongs to LANXESS Performance Chemicals unit, with sales of 1.35 billion euros in 2018.


Virkon powder, at a 1% dilution, does not display effects of sensitisation to the skin, acute toxicity by ingestion or cause irritation to eyes. It is not classified as harmful or toxic, according to the standard European process or the classification and labelling of chemical preparations. Three-quarters of the ingredients of Virkon are inorganic, which decompose in the physical environment to naturally occurring simple inorganic salts and it is not classified as R53, IE: As persistent in the environment.

UK DEFRA Approved :

Foot and Mouth Disease, Swine Vesicular Disease, Avian Bird Flu, Salmonella.

  • 300 + strains/clinical isolates from 71 bacteria
  • 50 + strains/clinical isolates from 15 fungi
  • 70 + strains/clinical isolates from 33 viruses
  • 331 strains/clinical isolates from 199 different organisms.
  • Fast-acting - can kill parvovirus in ten minutes or less.

Virkon™ is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties. It has low toxicity and is "an excellent disinfectant against all virus families including the highly virulent Covid-19 virus”. Virkon™ has donated 1 ton of its highly effective Rely+On disinfectant to China in Feb 2020.

  • Available at
  • Effective against Hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV, MRSA, Influenza A Virus, E- coli (ESBL), Klebsiella pneumoniae (ESBL) and Coronavirus Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)*
  • In-use 1% solution is non-irritating to eyes and skin
  • No fumes or offensive odour
  • Compatible with most hard non-porous surfaces
  • Cleans & disinfects in one step
  • Respirator face plate disinfectant
  • Convenient to ship and store
  • Long Shelf life (powder 3 years; tablets 2 years)
  • Effective as determined by European EN standards (bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy data)*
  • For Healthier antioxidant food and exercise options, see
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